Sheridan County Fair & Rodeo
Gordon, Nebraska

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Jr. Rodeo Results
137 Children 18 and under came from all over the county and neighboring counties to participate in the Jr. Rodeo July 25 at the Sheridan County Fair & Rodeo. Results from the Jr. Rodeo held at the Jess McGinley Arena include:
Dummy Roping:
Girls First Place, Madi Waln Second Place-Paytin Johnson. Third Place-Hattie Haeffelin. Also participating was Sage Dyer, Tomi Reid, Taya Hruby, and Mikena Sterkel. 
Boys First Place, Jayce Hoffman, Second Place, Bryce Hoffman and Rei Waln. Also participating were Tyan Hruby, Riggen Binger, and Coyoke Sterkel.
Boot Toss:
Girls: First Place, Sage Dyer, Second Place-Rylan Wild, Third Place-Hattie Haeffelin. Also participating was Kaitlyn Minor, Lahramie Laursen, and Mikena Sterkel. 
Boys: First Place, Jayce Hoffman, Second Place, Coyoke Sterkel, Third Place, Bryce Hoffman.
Barrel Racing:
Girls First Place, Madi Waln, Second Place, Hattie Haeffelin, Third Place, Addison Byrne, Fourth Place, Sage Dyer. Also participating were Lahramie Laursen, Taya Hruby, Paytin Johnson, Marisa Milliken, Racquel Hunt, Taylor Swanson, Kaitlyn Minor, Riata Wimberley, Mikena Sterkel, Rylan Wild and Tomi Reid. 
Boys First Place, Jayce Hoffman, Second Place, Tyan Hruby, Third Place, Bryce Hoffman. Also participating was Jasper Morava, Koy Otte, Riggen Binger and Kray Otte. 
Goat Tail Snatch:
Girls: First Place, Hattie Haeffelin, Second Place, Madi Waln, Third Place, Sage Dyer, Fourth Place, Mikena Sterkel. Also participating was Tomi Reid, Taylor Swanson, Racquel Hunt, Kaitlyn Minor, Marisa Milliken, Paytin Johnson, Rylan Wild, Taya Hruby, Lahramie Laursen, and Riata Wimberley. Boys: First Place, Jayce Hoffman, Second Place, Tyan Hruby, Third Place, Ashton Lambert. Also Participating was Bryce Hoffman, Koy Otte, Jasper Morava, Coyoke Sterkel. Kray Otte participated in tying a goat down.  
Pole Bending:
Girls: First Place, Paytin Johnson, Second Place, Mikena Sterkel, Third Place, Raquel Hunt, Fourth Place- Riata Wimberley. Also participating were Addison Byrne, Hattie Haefflin, Lahramie Laursen, Madi Waln, Rylan Wild, Sage Dyer, Tata Hruby, Taylor Swanson and Tomi Reid.  
Boys: First Place, Jace Hoffman, Second Place, Jasper Morava. Also participating were Bryce Hoffman, Kray Otte, Riggen Binger and Tyan Hruby. 
Calf Riding:
First Place-Mikena Sterkel. Those participating were Rei Waln, and Coyoke Sterkel. 
Junior All Around Winners: Girls: First Place-Hattie Haeffelin with 35 points, Second Place-Sage Dyer with 32 points. Boys: First Place-Jayce Hoffman with 50 points, Second Place-Coyoke Sterkel with 21 points.
Flag Race:
Girls: First Place, Jasmine Dyer, Second Place, Angie Davis, Third Place, Jayda From, Fourth Place, Rayna Grimes. Also participating were Tylea Underwood, Nevaeh Wild, Kaylee Byrne, Jakelyn Calkins, Alexa Tonjes, Brooklynn Hoffman, Chye Livermont, Tacey From, Tatum Reid, Sarah Smith, Lafoya Yankton, Chevelle Puckett, Ashley Hunter, Blair Henry, Emily Thompson, Sophie Hruby, Shawna Shadbolt and Raylynn Hunt.  
Boys: First Place, Jade Byrne, Second Place, Bodey Waln, Third Place-Sutton Schrunk. Also participating was Billy Waln, Paden Morava, Colter Meeks, Jack Hunter, and Cooper Meeks. 
Breakaway Roping:
Girls: First Place, Ashley Hunter. Those participating Jasmine Dyer, Jayda From, Angie Davis, Blair Henry, Rayna Grimes and Tacey From.
Boys: First Place, Bodey Waln, Second Place, Chance Symons, Third Place, Carter Anderson, Fourth Place, Sage Schrunk. Those participating were Billy Waln, Cord Symons, Jade Byrne, Drew Farrell, Bodey Waln, Trey Hand, and Garett Glines.  
Pole Bending:
Girls: First Place, Rayna Grimes, Second Place, Alexa Tonjes, Third Place-Sophie Hruby, Fourth Place-Angie Davis, Fifth Place-Tacey From, Sixth Place-Griffin Grooms. Also participating Shawna Shadbolt, Tylea Underwood, Ami Evans, Brooklynn Hoffman, Chye Livermont, Emily Thompson, Jakelyn Calkins, Jasmine Dyer, Jayda From, Josie Symons, Kaylee Byrne, Latoya Yankton, Raylynn Hunt, Sarah Smith, Sevanna Berndt, Tatum Reid, Chevelle Puckett, Ashley Hunter, Blair Henry, Kylie Wild, and Nevaeh Wild. 
Boys: First Place, Paden Morava, Second Place-Gabe Glines, Third Place-Trey Hand. Also participating was Riggin Wimberley, Drew Farrell, Colter Meeks, Jack Hunter, Cooper Meeks and Sutton Schrunk. 
Steer Riding:
First Place: Mackenna Vincent. Those participating were Cord Symons, Petyon Sterkel, Ace Hahn, Taylon Pascoe, Jordon Andersen, Garrett Glines, Hawter McDonald, and Kyler Vincent. 
Goat Tail Tying:
Girls: First Place, Neveah Wild, Second Place, Shawna Shadbolt, Third Place-Alexa Tonjes. Also participating was Sevannah Berndt, Sophie Hruby, Griffin Grooms, Josie Symons, Emily Thompson, Rayna Grimes, Raylynn Hunt, Jasmine Dyer, Brooklynn Hoffman, Angie Davis, Tacey From, Kaylee Byrne, Ashley Hunter and Kylie Wild. 
Boys: First Place, Colter Meeks, Second Place, Peyton Sterkel, Third Place, Cord Symons. Also participating was Jaxon Kearns, Bodey Waln, Riggin Wimberley, Toby Berndt, Tyin Mowery, Billy Waln, Paden Morava, Jack Hunter, and Cooper Meeks. 
Barrel Racing:
Girls: First Place, Jayda From, Second Place, Tacey From, Tie for Third Place, Rayna Grimes and Angie Davis, Fourth Place, Neveah Wild, Fifth Place, Sophie Hruby. Also participating was Kilee Wild, Tylea Underwood, Blair Henry, Sevanna Berndt, Tatum Reid, Brooklynn Hoffman, Raylynn Hunt, Kaylee Byrne, Griffin Grooms, Ami Evans, Josie Symons, Jakelyn Calkins, Sarah Smith, Jasmine Dyer, Emily Thompson, Alexa Tonjes, Chye Livermont, Latoya Yankton, Shawna Shadbolt, Chevelle Puckett, and Ashley Hunter.  
Boys: First Place, Jack Hunter, Second Place, Paden Morava, Third Place, Colter Meeks. Also participating was Trey Hand, Drew Farrell, Riggin Wimberley, Cooper Meeks, and Sutton Schrunk.
Tie Down Roping:
Participating was Jade Byrne.
Team Roping:
First Place, Sage Schrunk and Carter Anderson. Those participating were Bodey Waln and Billy Waln, Chance Symons and Cord Symons, Jade Byrne and Bodey Waln, Tristan Hunter and Chance Symons, Tyler Jade and Bodey Waln, Blake Henry and Trey Hand, and Drew Farrell and Blake Henry. 
Goat Tying
Boys: First Place, Carter Anderson, Second Place, Drew Farrell, Third Place, Trey Hand.  
Intermediate All Around Winners-Girls: First Place, Angie Davis, 39 Points. Second Place, Alexa Tonjes, 26 points. Boys: First Place, Carter Anderson, 28 Points. Second Place, Trey Hand, 27 points. 
Barrel Racing:
Girls: First Place, Ashlyn Henderson, Second Place, Tawnee Madden, Third Place, Shailey McAbee. Also participating was Madison Haun, Adeline Hobbs, CJ Livermont, Jody Cowell, Arika Felkins, Kasey Kruger, Josie Shadbolt, Mackenzie Scoggan, Taylor Bargmann, Cami Keim, Taryn Underwood, Tatum Swanson, Tehya From, Hayley Schied and Kade Bettelyoun.  
Boys: none. 
Tie Down Roping:
First Place, Tristan Hunter, Second Place, Tyler Byrne, Third Place, Ridge Ward. Also participating was Clayton Symons, Pake Haun, Blake Henry, and Levi Glines.  
Pole Bending:
Girls: First Place, Tehya From, Second Place, Shailey McAbee, Third Place, Madison Haun. Also participating Adeline Hobbs, Cami Keim, Jody Cowell, Mackenzie Scoggan, Hayley Schied, Kasey Kruger, Cheyenne Bauer, Kade Bettelyoun, Tatum Swanson, Taylor Bargmann, Arika Felkins, Josie Shadbolt, Ashlyn Henderson, CJ Livermont, and Taryn Underwood.
Boys: First Place, Garett Glines.  
Breakaway Roping:
Girls: First Place, Morgan Darnell, Second Place, Taya From, Third Place-Madison Haun. Also participating was Kade Bettelyoun, Tawnee Madden, CJ Livermont, Shailey McAbee, Ashlyn Henderson, Hayley Schied, and Taryn Underwood.  
Boys: First Place, Tristan Hunter, Second Place, Tyler Byrne, Third Place, Blake Henry. Also participating were Ridge Ward, Clayton Symons and Levi Glines.  
Flag Race:
Girls: First Place, Kade Bettelyoun and Taryn Underwood, Second Place, Cami Keim, Third Place, Shailey McAbee. Also participating were Taylor Bargmann, Tatum Swanson, Kasey Kruger and Jody Cowell.  
Boys: First Place, Tristan Hunter, Second Place, Garett Glines. 
Steer Riding:
First Place, Conner Halverson, Second Place, Lante Swallow, Third Place, Kaden Vincent. Also Participating was Harley Bayne, Jhett Knight, Faith Seedham, and Wayne Witt.  
Goat Tying
Girls: First place, Kade Bettelyoun, Second Place, Ashlyn Henderson, Third Place, Taryn Underwood. Also participating was Tehya From, Blair Henry, Madison Haun, Laska Ward, Tatum Reid, Josie Shadbolt, CJ Livermont, Arika Felkins and Alice Fletcher. 
Boys: First Place, Sage Schrunk, Second Place, Ridge Ward, Third Place, Pake Haun.
Chute Dogging
First Place, Brock Henry, Second Place, Tyler Byrne. Also participating was Petyon Sterkel.  
Team Roping
First Place, Tyler Byrne/Ridge Ward. Also participating was Ridge Ward/Laska Ward, Morgan Darnell/Clayton Symons, Tyler Jade/Tyler Byrne, Tehya From/Tristan Hunter, Clayton Symons/Morgan Darnell, Laska Ward/Ridge Ward, Taylor From/Tristan Hunter, and Tawnee Madden/Brock Henry. 
Senior All Around Winners-Girls: First Place, Kade Bettelyoun, 34 Points. Second Place, Shailey McAbee and Tehya From, 25 Points. Boys: First Place, Tristan Hunter, 30 Points. Second Place, Ridge Ward and Tyler Byrne, 28 points.